Paul has been instrumental in helping me move beyond the limitations I had placed on myself. He was my third eye that was able to view my situation with absolute clarity. Paul used his wisdom and perspective to lay out a process of self discovery that yielded answers and solutions. Always professional and respectful during our work together I felt guided and not forced into a direction. The depth of personal enlightenment I have gained working with Paul has been astounding. Moving beyond the box you put yourself in is hard work and I am grateful for Paul's guidance along the way.

Daniel F. - President of CA based Architectural Firm - Sept. 2019

What I love about Paul is his ability to distill what I have said into something that has more action, impact, and flavor. I've been working with Paul for about 2 months now and he's not only compassionate and smart, but he's connected and has the ability to connect the dots. In the months I've been working with him, he has inspired me to build out my portfolio, to create videos, to actually have some material to use when marketing with people. He's that push I need when I'm feeling down. He's that push I need to sort out my chaos. I trust Paul to get me through. I trust Paul to guide me, to take what I give him and make it better and more focused. To call him a good listener is an understatement. To call him a coach, an honor.

Cedric J. - Cambia Regence Healthcare - August 2019

Paul has helped me "hold up the mirror" to myself to truly uncover the wisdom and solutions needed in my personal and professional interactions with myself and others. I appreciate that Paul shows up every session with deliberate intent. And he motivates me to do the same! Paul encourages me to be present in my life with purpose through honest discovery of who I am and what I want out of this beautiful life. He asks questions that break open my heart and mind to cultivate awareness, growth and positive change. Paul will guide you to create that actionable change that you know you need to finally do....I challenge you, show up to your life with Paul Tripp. You will be forever grateful you did.

Fran V. - Senior Bio-pharmaceutical Representative at Amgen - July 2019

Truly one of the BEST coaches I know! I had the distinct pleasure of hiring Paul to help me to get extraordinary results in my business and personal life. I chose Paul for the depth of his emotional intelligence. Right from our first session I knew Paul embodied what he calls The Show Up coach. What he does best is listen with such intention that every question drives you deeper into unimaginable self discovery. He masterfully blends humor a no nonsense attitude that every adult needs. Paul has an uncanny ability to hold up a mirror to your innermost self lovingly and with ZERO judgement. His coaching style is for those who are not afraid to action but have been searching for exactly what actions to take. He's a truth teller, a seer, a healer, a soul stirrer. His genuine love and adoration for helping you see the greatness in you will help you to believe in yourself. I personally think he should coach every world leader on how to show up! I'm Brooklyn D. and I approve this message.

Brooklyn D. - Chief Happiness Officer Fortune 500 Company - May 2019

Paul is one of the smartest people I know. I've seen him tackle complex business challenges, mastermind financials, start a company, write and publish a book, speak on public stages, the list goes on. At the core of all of his experience and accomplishments is an innate curiosity about PEOPLE. That's why it's so great to see him enter the world of coaching, where he can combine his professional talents with his interest in the human experience. What motivates them? How can they improve? Just as he knows how to identify opportunities, set a vision and map out a path to accomplish professional goals, now he's applying that blueprint to his work with clients. Over the last three months, Paul has coached me to uncover new perspectives, expanded my self awareness, challenged assumptions I've always held about myself or my work, and held me accountable to my goals. I recommend him to anyone ready to challenge themselves to improve and transform how they show up for themselves, in work and in life.

Libby A. - Non-Profit Marketing & Communications Director - March 2019

When it comes to being a realistic and thought-provoking leader Paul is the real deal! After just a short time with him, you will quickly come to understand he is a savvy executive leader that practices what he preaches. As an Executive Leadership Coach, Paul has helped me and others flush out not only ideas but action items that influence the bottom line. He embodies and displays loyalty, duty, honor, and respect for the growth process of individuals and organizations. If you want to see your leader's and teams reach their potential partner with Paul! Your entire organization will be better for it.

Lawrence H. - East Coast Human Resources Manager - January 2019