Corporate Teams

Executive Coaching Client Meeting

Change is constant, time is a constraint

"My teams perpetually operate in firefighting mode.  We don't have the time to strategically plan and execute on projects" a healthcare CEO told me.  This, of course, is the reason he was reaching out.  "I am in back-to-back meetings, my calendar is booked weeks out, and I am trying to create a new team structure to increase efficiency, but nobody can seem to commit" he lamented. 

Does that sound familiar?  

That's my ideal client.  A leader who is over tasked, wants more from their team, has change underfoot, is experiencing resource constraints and cannot seem to find the time to motivate themselves or the team around them.    They are mentally unsure of what to do.

Team Coaching

So what's the starting point? 

The solution starts at the top, and it's my starting point in corporate work.  I begin by individually engaging the decision maker to help them clarify their thoughts, align their desires and put an action plan in place around how to move forward. 

From the decision maker I begin to work with the other senior leaders to develop a common language, understand the current processes, hear their thoughts on what a consistent communication strategy is, how they understand incremental wins and losses as well as how they foster trust among their team. 

With this big picture in hand, an analysis is done between the decision maker's viewpoint and what his leadership team believes.  This is the starting point. 

Business Coaching and Leadership

Once leaders are aligned, work can begin 

Change is manageable when the leadership team is aligned.  The company is now in a place to move from siloed thinking to bigger picture collaboration which creates meaningful action.  

My areas of expertise to create meaningful action:

  • Organizational change: Communication, team alignment and goal setting.  This can occur before, during and post execution. 
  • Conflict resolution: Internal teams often posture for control during the change process.  I provide an external viewpoint to help team members resolve conflict and re-affirm collaboration. 
  • Communication:  High performing teams can often achieve so frequently that they forget how to listen.  I re-focus high performing teams to actively listen and communicate more effectively. 
  • Resource reallocation:  With a masters in finance and a keen eye on strategic alignment, I know how to save a company money and right the financial ship.  I am an expert at cutting costs and increasing revenue.