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Executive Coaching by Paul

How long do you sit in traffic? 

At first glance this might seem like a ridiculous question, but think about it for just a moment.  Traffic represents growth, and some of the unexpected consequences of growth are bottlenecks and immobilization.  Small teams and new leaders don't see red or yellow lights - all they see is green - literally.  Then, as growth occurs, the complexity of the inter-dependencies start to layer on to the point that bigger teams or senior executives can feel stuck.  Think about your morning commute.  Do you think this is what the City leader's envisioned when they built that freeway?  

What you were able to achieve as a smaller sized team or junior executive is is not what will enable success once growth has occurred.  Our coaching team recognizes this as a "leadership gap", and has helped hundreds of executives transition forward by helping them uncover what they knew but didn't readily see.  Here's are some of the areas in which we've helped teams and senior executives get moving again:  

  • Teams & executives looking to reach new levels of success
  • Executives seeking to change the interpersonal dynamics of their C-Suite or high-performing teams
  • Executives wanting to stretch themselves into new careers

The Show Up Coach is here to help guide you through your leadership gap moment, so you can create lasting change. 

TESTIMONIAL Paul has been instrumental in helping me move beyond the limitations I had placed on myself. He was my third eye that was able to view my situation with absolute clarity. Paul used his wisdom and perspective to lay out a process of self-discovery that yielded answers and solutions. Always professional and respectful during our work together I felt guided and not forced into a direction. The depth of personal enlightenment I have gained working with Paul has been astounding. Moving beyond the box you put yourself in is hard work and I am grateful for Paul's guidance along the way. 

Daniel F. - President, CA based architectural firm

Business coaching


6 Seats for 6 Months:

  • You can assign anyone in your company a seat for as long as they need to get the performance you collectively desire.  With this package you could offer: 
  • 6 employees to be coached for six months
  • 12 employees to be coached for three months

Laser Coaching:

  • This short-term coaching engagement is designed for: 
  • Employees who are struggling to meet performance standards 
  • Conflict resolution between high-performers or C-Suite Executives
  • Teams who are stuck
  • Teams you want to move to the next level 


  • This package is for the managers in your organization, both mid-level and senior, that you want to develop to take your organization to the next level.  
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