The entry point to work with me isn't money; it's where you've been and where you want to go.   

I coach high achieving organizations and individuals to clarify, align, and act.

Executive Coaching by Paul

ORGANIZATIONS - A Culture of Coaching

Coaching is a cultural change agent, not an HR initiative. The coaching programs I have deployed involve a three-pronged approach: Individual, Group Coaching, and focused training sessions. Why is this important?

  • Individual coaching: This is a targeted group of individuals who have the ability to actively impact an organization's culture. Some examples are high potentials, social influencers, new managers, change agents, and an identified cohort of individuals needing "just-in-time" development.
  • Group Coaching: Group coaching is a hybrid coaching environment that empowers employees to engage, cultural needs to be identified, brings organizational roadblocks to the surface, and allows for teambuilding. The group coaching arena is where I introduce laser-focused training for self-identified training topics.
  • Training sessions: The Chinese have a saying: "The last one to know about the sea is the fish." I use this example as a way of telling you that you must start with cultural awareness before you introduce training or you will never realize where you are in relation to where you want to go. Training should be laser-focused, topic-specific, and interactive.


Paul has been instrumental in helping me move beyond the limitations I had placed on myself. He was my third eye that was able to view my situation with absolute clarity. Paul used his wisdom and perspective to lay out a process of self-discovery that yielded answers and solutions. Always professional and respectful during our work together I felt guided and not forced into a direction. The depth of personal enlightenment I have gained working with Paul has been astounding. Moving beyond the box you put yourself in is hard work and I am grateful for Paul's guidance along the way. 

Daniel F. - President, CA based architectural firm

Business coaching


"I feel alone at the top" one of our clients shared.  "Getting a coach has given me permission to dialogue honestly," he said.  Often, senior executives are told what others think they want to hear, which hinders growth.  The coaching relationship is a space in which clients are empowered to overcome decisional conflict, strengthen their purpose, and clarify their vision and goals - all within a confidential space.  The Show Up Coach has been coaching and supporting leaders in the Seattle WA area for several years. The Show Up Coach is ready to partner with you to grow your organization, manage change, and improve your performance.

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