What does working with an Executive Coach entail?

 It's as simple as a free 30-minute phone call. That's how you start. The purpose of this initial free phone call is for you to explore what it might mean to have a coaching relationship.  

Once we determine fit, our first session will be 90 minutes, and every session thereafter is 60 minutes or less. Each session starts with what you want to bring to the table. Some weeks you'll come to the table so eager to "spill it" that you'll barely say hello, and other weeks you may come to the table feeling as though you have nothing to say. Both approaches make complete sense and all that's required of you is to show up with a quiet knowing in your gut that you are ready to engage. 

My job is to stoke the fire of curiosity in your mind as we look at your perspective and circumstance from different angles. Major breakthroughs seem to happen in almost every session and it may feel as though you've met yourself for the first time.

That's Coaching.

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Over the past 10 months during which I have been working with Paul, I have been immensely gratified by the step-change maturation of my career and leadership style catalyzed by Paul's coaching. Paul's approach has been to ask the right questions and to suggest alternative viewpoints, helping me to arrive at "answers" that I knew all along and take courses of action that feel (and prove to be) spot-on. As someone undergoing a significant career transition, Paul's coaching has allowed me to navigate these changes and challenges with confidence and clarity

Vice President of Business Development 

Ginkgo Bioworks 

Paul has been instrumental in helping me move beyond the limitations I had placed on myself. He was my third eye that was able to view my situation with absolute clarity. Paul used his wisdom and perspective to lay out a process of self discovery that yielded answers and solutions. Always professional and respectful during our work together I felt guided and not forced into a direction. The depth of personal enlightenment I have gained working with Paul has been astounding. Moving beyond the box you put yourself in is hard work and I am grateful for Paul's guidance along the way.

Owner, Architectural Firm 

Monterey, CA 

Truly one of the BEST coaches I know! I had the distinct pleasure of hiring Paul to help me to get extraordinary results in my business and personal life. I chose Paul for the depth of his emotional intelligence. Right from our first session I knew Paul embodied what he calls The Show Up coach. What he does best is listen with such intention that every question drives you deeper into unimaginable self discovery. He masterfully blends humor a no nonsense attitude that every adult needs. Paul has an uncanny ability to hold up a mirror to your innermost self lovingly and with ZERO judgement. His coaching style is for those who are not afraid to action but have been searching for exactly what actions to take. He's a truth teller, a seer, a healer, a soul stirrer. His genuine love and adoration for helping you see the greatness in you will help you to believe in yourself. I personally think he should coach every world leader on how to show up! I'm Brooklyn Dicent and I approve this message.

Chief Happiness Officer

Pitchbook Data 

I cannot overstate the positive impact that Paul has had on my professional life. I have never worked with an executive coach before, and when I agreed to participate in my workplace's leadership development program, I was nervous about the coaching piece. However, in our very first session I was struck by how quickly and skillfully Paul was able to create an environment of psychological safety, connect with me in multiple ways, and generally put me at ease. This allowed us to have many subsequent unreserved and deeply honest conversations that have been critical for helping me successfully understand and navigate a complex work environment, solve thorny business problems, and create clarity around my own professional and interpersonal goals. He is funny, warm, and unbelievably kind, while still somehow holding my feet to the fire and keeping me accountable to myself when it's needed. Paul has an uncanny ability to ask just the right question to help me find my path forward when I am stuck, and he is exceptional at helping me plan difficult conversations that balance candor with compassion. I am so fortunate to have found Paul, and could not recommend him more highly as a coach.

Executive Director, Clinical Research


• A CEO was able to connect past success to help illuminate his path forward, realigned staff, entered a joint venture, and expanded his commercial offering. Leader secured $60M in a new business within five months.

• A Chief Technology Officer worked through his internal perception of executive presence, alpha male, team builder, quiet introvert, and achiever visionary. This exploration empowered him to re-work his pitch decks and receive >$50M in funding on a new initiative.

• An Executive gained awareness of how his perception of events foreshadowed his energy and level of commitment in board meetings and team engagements/ Executive improved his ability to strategically lead this new initiative and still maintain his passion for people connections.

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