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How do you start and what does it require? 

It's as simple as a free 30 minute phone call.  That's how you start.  The purpose of this initial free phone call is for you to explore what it might mean to have a coaching relationship.   

Once we determine fit, our first session will be 90 minutes, and every session thereafter is 60 minutes or less.  Each session starts with what you want to bring to the table.  Some weeks you'll come to the table so eager to "spill it" that you'll barely say hello, and other weeks you may come to the table feeling as though you have nothing to say.  Both approaches make complete sense and all that's required of you is to show up with a quiet knowing in your gut that you are ready to engage. 

My job is to stoke the fire of curiosity in your mind as we look at your perspective and circumstance from different angles.  Major breakthroughs seem to happen in almost every session and it may feel as though you've met yourself for the first time.

That's Coaching.

We both intuitively know that your life shows up for you when you show up for your life. So what's stopping you from starting? 

Read about some of the success stories below.

I partner with corporations to provide individualized executive coaching, & work with private clients to clarify, align and create meaningful action. 

Clarify.  Align.  Act.

Client success stories  

  • A CEO was able to connect past success to help illuminate his path forward, realigned staff, entered a joint venture and expanded his commercial offering. Leader secured $60M in a new business within five months.
  • A Vice President successfully positioned himself to take on additional responsibility and receive a promotion ahead of a COVID-19 staff reduction that wiped out 15% of the management team.
  • A Chief Technology Officer worked through his internal perception of executive presence; alpha male, team builder, quiet introvert and achiever visionary. This exploration empowered him to re-work his pitch decks and receive >$50M in funding on a new initiative.
  • Improved executive's self-perception of leadership style, successfully garnered buy-in from his new team (expectations and engagement), and within two months leader secured a $12M contract, exceeding his short-term strategic goal.
  • Through value and vision work, leader honorably transitioned out of previous role and had a successful start in a new role; specifically, relationship building and client connection.
  • an Executive gained awareness of how his perception of events foreshadowed his energy and level of commitment in board meetings and team engagements/ Executive improved his ability to strategically lead this new initiative and still maintain his passion for people connections.

Clarify.  Align.  Act.

What are you waiting for?