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Coaching should integrate with your learning & development initiatives to drive cultural change. Coaching should be delivered individually, in a group, and as part of your training platform. 

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The endgame of the pandemic is giving both employers and employees a chance to create a more humane relationship — are you going to be ahead of, or behind the curve?

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Great organizations inculcate coaching into every aspect of their thinking to create a culture of coaching. Coaching cultures take into account your business strategy and start with an assessment of corporate and individual viewpoints. 

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What's the starting point?

The solution starts with a dedicated decision-maker, and that's my starting point for agreeing to work with organizations. I begin by individually engaging the decision-maker to help them clarify their thoughts, align their desires and put an action plan in place around how to move forward.  

From the decision-maker, I begin to work with the other senior leaders to develop a common language, understand the current processes, hear their thoughts on what a consistent communication strategy is, how they understand incremental wins and losses as well as how they foster trust among their team. 

Coaching is a cultural change agent, not an HR initiative.

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Individual Coaching

This is a targeted group of individuals who have the ability to actively impact an organization's culture. Some examples are high potentials, social influencers, new managers, change agents, and an identified cohort of individuals needing "just-in-time" development.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is a hybrid coaching environment that empowers employees to engage, cultural needs to be identified, brings organizational roadblocks to the surface, and allows for teambuilding. The group coaching arena is where I introduce laser-focused training for self-identified training topics.

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Training Sessions

The Chinese have a saying: "The last one to know about the sea is the fish." I use this as a way of telling you that you must start with cultural awareness before you introduce training or you will never realize where you are in relation to where you want to go. Training should be laser-focused, topic-specific, & interactive.

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