Founded in 2016, my clients have included teams within healthcare, start-ups, food service, medical spas, Salesforce, data-science and Fortune 500 companies.

Coaching Packages:

  • 6 Seats for 6 Months: You can assign anyone in your company a seat for as long as they need to get the performance you collectively desire. With this package you could offer:

    • 6 employees to be coached for six months

    • 12 employees to be coached for three months

  • Laser Coaching: This short-term coaching engagement is designed for:

    • Employees who are struggling to meet performance standards

    • Conflict resolution between high-performers or C-Suite Executives

    • Teams who are stuck

    • Teams you want to move to the next level

  • Management: This package is for the managers in your organization, both mid-level and senior, that you want to develop to take your organization to the next level.

I ask individuals on teams to look through new eyes; not only at what they are doing but also at who they are being and the impact this has on those around them, the collective, and the workplace as a whole.
— Paul Tripp, The Show Up Coach

Committed to achieving maximum results, inspiring a vital and connected corporate culture, and igniting unlimited possibilities, I employ an action-oriented, integrative approach to work with organizations and corporate teams dedicated to transforming challenges and busting through obstacles to achieve excellence in all aspects of their business.