The entry point to work with me isn't money; it's what you've done with your life.   

I coach achievers to clarify, align, and act.

What do you wish you knew? 

As a senior executive, when is the last time you realized you were unable to get the same traction that propelled you to the top?   The internal drive that allows for success can often be the same driver that causes high achievers to get stuck.  If this is conceptually difficult to understand, I challenge you to look at the senior leaders within your company and ask yourself who appears stuck and unable to get traction?   

What lights us on fire in the early stages of our career cannot sustain us as we mature.  The same holds true for our approach, our tactics and our leadership style.  We call this the "leadership gap" and it can often show up in our lives as an inability to gain traction. 

We've helped many senior executives to see their situation from a 360 degree view, and uncover what they knew but didn't readily see.  Some of the viewpoints we have traversed with clients:  

  • Executives looking to reach new levels of success
  • Executives seeking to change the interpersonal dynamics of their C-Suite or high-performing teams
  • Executives wanting to stretch themselves into new careers

The Show Up Coach is here to help guide you through your leadership gap moment, so you can create lasting change. 

TESTIMONIAL Paul is one of the smartest people I know. I've seen him tackle complex business challenges, mastermind financials, start a company, write and publish a book, speak on public stages, the list goes on. At the core of all of his experience and accomplishments is an innate curiosity about PEOPLE. That's why it's so great to see him enter the world of coaching, where he can combine his professional talents with his interest in the human experience. What motivates them? How can they improve? Just as he knows how to identify opportunities, set a vision, and map out a path to accomplish professional goals, now he's applying that blueprint to his work with clients. Over the last three months, Paul has coached me to uncover new perspectives, expanded my self-awareness, challenged assumptions I've always held about myself or my work, and held me accountable to my goals. I recommend him to anyone ready to challenge themselves to improve and transform how they show up for themselves, in work and in life.

Libby A. - Non-Profit Marketing & Communications Director 


6 Seats for 6 Months:

  • You can assign anyone in your company a seat for as long as they need to get the performance you collectively desire.  With this package you could offer: 
  • 6 employees to be coached for six months
  • 12 employees to be coached for three months

Laser Coaching:

  • This short-term coaching engagement is designed for: 
  • Employees who are struggling to meet performance standards 
  • Conflict resolution between high-performers or C-Suite Executives
  • Teams who are stuck
  • Teams you want to move to the next level 


  • This package is for the managers in your organization, both mid-level and senior, that you want to develop to take your organization to the next level.  

Ready to empower your leadership skills?