The entry point to work with me isn't money; it's what you've done with your life.   

I coach high achievers to clarify, align, and act.

Are you a high achiever?

"I feel alone at the top" one of our clients shared.  "Getting a coach has given me permission to dialogue honestly," he said.  Often, senior executives are told what others think they want to hear, which hinders growth.  The coaching relationship is a space in which clients are empowered to overcome decisional conflict, strengthen their purpose, and clarify their vision and goals - all within a confidential space.  The Show Up Coach has been coaching and supporting leaders in the Seattle WA area for several years. The Show Up Coach is ready to partner with you to grow your organization, manage change, and improve your performance through our Executive, Business, Leadership, and Team Coaching programs.

Are you a seasoned leader who is hungry for dialogue?  Here are some of our strategic offerings that have resulted in long-term success for previous clients: 

  • Better understanding of core strengths and growth opportunities.
  • Bring the best out of their employees and teams.
  • Develop better and more effective communications.
  • Manage workplace challenges successfully.
  • Lead and manage the accelerated pace of organizational changes.
  • Take performance and productivity to an all-new level.
  • Achieve a better work and life balance

TESTIMONIAL Making the complex simple and offering pointed advice, Paul's acumen for effective listening and leadership is obvious within moments. After a session I feel inspired and energized, Paul attacks mental fog and our own inner-dissonance in a manner expected from an old friend or most trusted adviser. He's a truth teller who provides immeasurable professional value through his consulting service. I am looking forward to continuing a path of discovery and growth through his services.,

Taylor G. - Principal Consultant Technology Firm - Dec. 2019


Working with leaders who may be facing tough challenges, and making hard choices is one of our specialties. To see our clients reach their goals is a great feeling. Solutions in Leadership begins with transformational executive coaching, which enables individuals and companies to grow and do more than they may have thought possible. Techniques used in one-on-one sessions or workshops are designed to address the needs of each individual or team. Great Leadership takes courage, strength, and insight. A clear vision will allow you to achieve your goals for yourself and the company.

Start achieving today. Define your vision, create your action plan, and get started on making your life and career less stressful. Develop your intention to have a more significant impact using your energy and talent with focus and vision. Contact us to get started achieving your goals.


6 Seats for 6 Months:

  • You can assign anyone in your company a seat for as long as they need to get the performance you collectively desire.  With this package you could offer: 
  • 6 employees to be coached for six months
  • 12 employees to be coached for three months

Laser Coaching:

  • This short-term coaching engagement is designed for: 
  • Employees who are struggling to meet performance standards 
  • Conflict resolution between high-performers or C-Suite Executives
  • Teams who are stuck
  • Teams you want to move to the next level 


  • This package is for the managers in your organization, both mid-level and senior, that you want to develop to take your organization to the next level.  

Ready to empower your leadership skills?