I coach high achieving organizations and individuals to clarify, align, and act.

Organizations and Individuals

Organizations: You want to integrate coaching into your business strategy. You want to link coaching with your ongoing leadership program. You want coaching to contribute to a cultural shift. You are ready to understand how coaching can contribute to change beyond an individual contributor.

Individuals: You are action/results-driven.  You want a coach with a proven track record & deep experience.   You want someone you can trust.   You have a problem you don't know how to solve.  You're ready to get traction again.

What should you know before introducing coaching into your organization?

The video is from a webinar presentation in partnership with Ace-Up

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Do these questions sound familiar?

  • How can I link our ongoing leadership development program and coaching to develop our employees? 
  • How can coaching be used to maximize engagement? 
  • How does a coaching strategy integrate with the business strategy? 
  • How can coaching contribute to organizational culture? 
  • How and where should I invest in coaching? 
  • How will I evaluate our coaching return on investment? 

Coaching should link leadership development with your mission and business strategy. Period. Your coaching engagement should serve:

  • Leadership Teams 
  • A group of high potentials earmarked to promote 
  • A self-identified cohort of individuals wanting “just-in-time” development
  • Social influencers
  • New managers
  • Cultural change agents 
  • A group of external and internal stakeholders focused on the strategic vision 

Let me help you get clear about how you can create a culture of coaching with your organization.


You're unstoppable when you're operating at your best. You know it, your friends and family know it, hell, it's evident to anyone who is paying attention.  

But as we both know, even Clark Kent is a working stiff who roams the streets of Metropolis with a job and financial obligations. 

It makes sense that you might be having a moment where you can't just "think your way of it" to get back to the action/results side of the achievement equation.  The question on the table right now isn't about why you're stuck, but what it is  you're going to do about it.  

Whether you're a private  or a corporate sponsored individual client, my methodology is the same. 

  1. Kickoff and Alignment meeting.  If you're an individual paying for coaching this is a 90 minute Discovery Session.  If you're a corporate sponsored client, this is an alignment meeting around expectations.
  2. Feedback tool.  This can include a 360 Degree Feedback tool, an attitudinal assessment or interviews with pre-set questions.  
  3. Creation of an Action Plan.  We will create a trajectory of what could be important to achieve during our coaching engagement. 

I have found that in order for sustainable change to take hold, a minimum of 9 sessions is required. 

I cannot overstate the positive impact that Paul has had on my professional life. Paul has an uncanny ability to ask just the right question to help me find my path forward when I am stuck, and he is exceptional at helping me plan difficult conversations that balance candor with compassion. I am so fortunate to have found Paul, and could not recommend him more highly as a coach.

Dr. Ashley Flynn Ward 

Senior Director Biotech Firm 

It’s hard to put into words the positive impact that Paul has had on my life! Executive coaching with Paul was not at all what I expected – every session turned into a thought-provoking conversation that left me with a much deeper understanding of who I am.

Nate C. 

Chief Growth Officer 

Paul is one of the smartest people I know. I've seen him tackle complex business challenges, mastermind financials, start a company, write and publish a book, speak on public stages, the list goes on. At the core of all of his experience and accomplishments is an innate curiosity about PEOPLE! 

Libby  A.

Non-Profit Marketing & Communications

Paul has been such an impactful person to have in my life. I was skeptical about coaching when I was first introduced to it. There was no way that somebody who didn’t know me or the situations I was going through daily, was going to be able to help me become a better worker, leader, or person. Paul turned that upside down for me.

Jennifer N.

Senior Manager of Store Development

Proudly Serving: Seattle WA, Chicago IL, Salt Lake City UT, Portland OR, Denver CO