Why am I The Show Up Coach?

I left home at 16 to finish school in Bogota, Colombia and didn't speak a word of Spanish when I landed.  I dug in, clarified my reason for being there, aligned my goals with my behavior, and within three months, I was a fluent Spanish speaker. Clarify. Align. Act. Bogota set the stage for my life.  

Although my professional career started as an enlisted man on submarines, where I ended was nowhere near the beginning. A Cryptologic Warfare Officer embedded within the National Security Agency (NSA) I transitioned into the officer ranks, secured dual-masters degrees, and received a plethora of awards.  My 22-year career was a continual drumbeat of clarifying, aligning, and acting around what I wanted for my life and how I wanted to define individual and team achievement.   

After my Navy retirement, I jumped out of the DC area and into a new life in the Pacific Northwest. Once again, I had to clarify what I wanted for my professional life, align my actions with the goals I set, and formulate plans of action to achieve. My clarity and alignment allowed me to serve in several C-Suite roles, as a healthcare strategist and as a board member and advisor.    

My desire to coach sits in a deep curiosity around how I can affect actionable change. Yes, I have experienced tremendous success, but more importantly, I have learned how to listen, actively. One of my greatest abilities is to listen to what a person is not saying, and reflect their words in such a way that their mind thinks about and considers change. 

I understand the doubt of committing to work with someone when you've been achieving success repeatedly throughout your life.  Throughout 90% of my lifetime, I have either been able to think through, push through, or work through any challenge. That last 10%, however, has often felt more complicated than the entire 90% combined. It's always been a coach who has dislodged me from my plight - thank god for Dr. Jennifer Degnan-Smith!

I have been clarifying, aligning, acting, and showing up my entire life.  That's me.  What about you?  Our first call is free.

I look forward to talking to see how we might journey together. 

Paul Tripp 



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